Class Charts

Class Charts is a comprehensive online system that is designed to facilitate effective communication between teachers and parents while simplifying the management of student attendance, behaviour, and scheduling of detentions. The system enables teachers to monitor students’ attendance records, as well as track positive and negative behaviours, making it easier for them to provide personalised support to each student.

Through Class Charts, teachers can also access real-time information about individual students’ needs, including SEN information, medical conditions, and behavioural issues. This information is critical in enabling teachers to offer targeted support and accommodations to students, which can ultimately improve their academic performance.

The system also facilitates communication between schools and parents by providing a centralised platform where teachers can share information about upcoming events, important deadlines, and other school-related news. This feature is particularly useful in ensuring that parents are kept informed about their child’s academic progress and can actively engage in their child’s education.

Class Charts also makes teaching more efficient by automating tasks such as attendance tracking, behaviour management, and scheduling of detentions. This frees up teachers’ time and enables them to focus on their core duties of teaching and providing support to their students.

In summary, Class Charts is an all-in-one system that helps to streamline communication between teachers and parents, facilitate effective management of attendance and behaviour, and make teaching more efficient and effective. By using this system, school can improve the overall learning experience for our students and create a more supportive and collaborative learning environment.

All Students and Parents/Carers are required to have a log on to Class Charts if you don’t have a log on please contact or alternatively please call school 01283 749450

If you require further support please visit the link below