Digital Literacy

Curriculum Intent

Overall aim for Digital Literacy: By studying Literacy at Blessed Robert Sutton all pupils from Year 7 to Year 9 will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of word study, grammar and comprehension becoming proficient readers.

Digital literacy will teach Spiritual Development by:

Pupils developing an appreciation of God’s creation and an understanding of the spiritual connections through the literature studied.

Digital Literacy will teach Social Excellence by:

instilling in students a love of literature and reading, and an appreciation of the nuances of language in order to be able to communicate clearly and effectively.  To develop a love of reading that will last a life time.

Digital Literacy will teach Academic Excellence by:

Developing a love for reading and ensuring pupil are equipped and have proficient key skills ( word study, grammar and comprehension) Studying a range of literature from different time periods, and different cultures.

Digital Literacy Learning Journey

Useful Information


Curriculum Intent KS3 Digital Literacy


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