People in Our School

Senior Leadership Team

Jake Heath – Acting Headteacher (Behaviour and Ethos)

Overall strategic responsibility for all aspects of Pastoral Care including final decisions relating to student conduct and a successful return to school. Oversight of the Corrections Room, exclusions and admissions. Responsibility for whole school systems including behaviour data, detentions, attendance and punctuality as well as the coordination of pastoral interventions and QA processes. Responsibility for the whole school programme of enrichment programmes. Teacher of PE. 

Laura Wilson – Acting Deputy Headteacher (Support and Safeguarding) 

Responsibility for all aspects of Safeguarding and Child Protection in her role as the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). This includes liaison with external agencies and pastoral leaders to support vulnerable learners and ensure that all barriers to achievement are broken down. Overall strategic responsibility for the whole school approach to SEND. Teacher of Music. 

Elliot Davies-Tagg and Jenny Langston – Acting Assistant Headteachers (Teaching and Learning) 

Leadership of all aspects of Teaching & Learning including quality, innovation and development as well as responsibility for meeting the needs of all learners and staff support.  

Pastoral Team 

At Blessed Robert Sutton every student is known as an individual and is cared for by their Form Tutor, Year Leader and Pastoral Support Team. If you need to discuss anything to do with your child please contact your child’s Form Tutor initially. 

Year 7 Pastoral Team

Staff NameTitleFormEmail
Miss E WatersYear
Mr C JimenezForm
Mrs J CawsonForm
Mrs L TabernerForm
Mrs A CoonsForm

Year 8 Pastoral Team

Staff NameTitleFormEmail
Miss A GibsonYear
Miss F TomsForm
Mr W GeeForm
Mr D TurnerForm
Mr H MillsForm

Year 9 Pastoral Team

Staff NameTitleFormEmail
Mrs P HarkinYear
Miss R AyreForm
Miss L JonesForm
Mr J DaglishForm
Mr R DaviesForm

Year 10 Pastoral Team

Staff NameTitleFormEmail
Mrs A McDowallYear
Mrs W HarperForm
Mr C PackwoodForm
Mrs N WhelanForm
Mrs E GoddardForm

Year 11 Pastoral Team

Staff NameTitleFormEmail
Mrs K MeredithYear
Miss S DaviesForm
Mr A BuckForm
Mrs H BegumForm
Mrs H WarsopForm

Teaching Staff

Staff NameDepartmentEmail
Miss R
Mrs J
Mrs H BegumComputer
Mr A
Mrs J CawsonArt &
Mrs A
Mr J
Mr R
Miss S
Mr E Davies-TaggHumanities (Acting Assistant Headteacher)
Mr W
Miss A
Mrs E GoddardPE (Curriculum Leader)
Mrs P
Mr J HeathPE (Acting Headteacher)
Mr C
Miss E
Mrs J LangstonDT (Acting Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs A
Miss K
Mrs N
Mr C
Mr M RatchfordEnglish (Curriculum Leader)
Miss R SchofieldMaths (Curriculum Leader)
Mrs L TabernerRE (Curriculum Leader)
Miss F
Mr D
Mrs H TurnerArt & Design (Curriculum Leader)
Mrs H WarsopScience (Curriculum Leader)
Miss E
Mrs N
Mrs R
Mrs L WilsonPerforming Arts (Acting Deputy Headteacher)