Student Welcome

As Ambassadors, we enjoy working with a supportive and proactive team that is as passionate about Blessed Robert Sutton as we are.  

We believe we have the best possible chance of success through: disruption free lessons, exciting learning atmosphere and supportive and enthusiastic teaching which will allow us to reach our highest potentials. School Leaders, we will endeavour in supporting all our students through practising exemplary behaviour and helping them with their day to day school lives. 

We believe that our school is great due to the opportunities it offers, including extra-curricular clubs, programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and a variety of trips which cater for the wide range of students that come to Robert Sutton. The range of trips across a broad subject and cultural spectrum offer valuable and enriching experiences which truly enhance education.  

We are both very proud of our school and the Catholic values that it embodies. The generous array of opportunities that are offered to every student work towards creating well-rounded individuals who thrive in a caring and holistic school environment as they also thrive in the wider community.