If your child is not well enough to come to school, please report via an email to or calling 01283 749481 by 8.25am.

If we have not heard from you, then a member of the Attendance Team will contact you to find out the reason for absence.

For any planned school absence, including holidays, please complete the form below and either hand this in at Reception or email it to Please be advised that any holiday absence of one day or more will be subject to a fine issued by Staffordshire County Council. This is in line with Government guidelines and is currently £60 per child, per adult with responsibility for getting a child to school.

BRS Holiday Request Form

In the unlikely event of your child refusing to attend school, please do liaise with the school’s Attendance officer and your child’s Year Leader in the first instance. We can then work together to ensure the best outcome and support for your child.

Attendance Poster 3 Copy
FFT Attendance 2023 24 Award

We are very pleased to have received an attendance award from FFT!


In guidance, issued by the Government, schools are required to code lateness to school in two ways. An “L” code is used for lateness until registration closes (8.50am) or a “U” code for lateness after registration has closed. A “U” code is classed as an unauthorised absence and therefore could lead to the Local Authority issuing penalties or prosecution. Schools are obliged to keep a late log, where explanations are recorded for the reasons why a student is late.

Therefore, we ask that every effort is made to ensure that all students arrive at school punctually. The school gates are open from 8.15am. Should there be any issue with lateness which you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

It is important to us that every student arrives to school on time and is ready and prepared to engage in their learning. That learning takes place as soon as the student enters the school building.

Minutes late per day Equivalent of missing
10 Minutes 6 school days a year
15 Minutes 10 school days a year
20 Minutes 14 school days a year
30 Minutes 20 school days a year