Reading to Succeed

We are committed to providing high quality reading opportunities for all pupils.  

 We follow the synthesis of research provided by Doug Lemov’s book, ‘Reading Reconsidered’ which surmises that there are four key reading priorities when it comes to learning.     

Our approach to Literacy –  

  • All pupils will read for five minutes in each lesson  
  • Pupils will complete the form time reading programme. 
  • Reading ages determined and intervention put in place where applicable. 

“The more you read, the more you know. The more that you learn, the places you’ll go.” Dr Seuss could have been talking about the students at Robert Sutton with this quote as reading has become a core part of everyday life.  

By the end of year 11, our students will have read a huge number of books with challenging themes and vocabulary. When you walk around the building in the morning there is a sense of calm and focus as students enjoy their latest book. 

Our reading programmes have really helped to increase literacy levels but also to develop a love for reading in our students.