Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy school uniform?

School uniform and sports kit are available from either of the following places:

WB Schoolwear

Pupils Schoolwear

How do I arrange for my child to have school meals?

The school canteen provides hot and cold meals at lunch time and snacks at morning break. We suggest approximately £3.00 for a hot meal and pudding.  

How do I find out if my child is entitled to free school meals?

If you are in receipt of Income Support, Income-based ESA or Income-based Job Seekers allowance you should be entitled to Free School Meals and possibly other educational benefits for your child(ren). You may also be entitled to other educational benefits if you receive child and working tax credits – though this will not include Free School Meals. In this case you should include a copy of your latest tax credit notice (TC602) with your application. Upon receipt of this evidence Staffordshire or Derbyshire Local Authority will assess your eligibility to all educational benefits. 

For more information please read:

FSM Information Booklet

How do I apply for free school meals?

How do I apply? 

How do I report my child's absence?

If your child is not well enough to come to school, please call 01283 749450 and leave a message stating your child’s name, form and the reason for absence. Alternatively you can email with the same information. Where possible, we would be grateful if you could notify us by 8.25am each morning your child is absent. If we have not heard from you, then a member of the Attendance Team will contact you to find out the reason for absence.

For any planned school absence, including holidays, please complete the form below and either hand this in at Reception or email it to Please be advised that any holiday absence of one day or more will be subject to a fine issued by Staffordshire County Council. This is in line with Government guidelines and is currently £60 per child, per adult with responsibility for getting a child to school.

BRS Holiday Request Form

In the unlikely event of your child refusing to attend school, please do liaise with the school’s Attendance officer and your child’s Year Leader in the first instance. We can then work together to ensure the best outcome and support for your child.

If the school is closed due to inclement weather, how will I be informed?

Every effort is made to keep the school open during inclement weather, however, if the decision is made to close the school you will be notified via the following ways: 

  • A message on the school phone 
  • Text message 
  • School website 
  • Radio Derby  

If the school has to be closed part way through the day we will send a text via Firefly to parents informing you that school is closing and that students are being sent home early. It is very important that you keep us updated with any change of mobile number. 

How will I know if my child has a detention?

  • Lunchtime detentions: will happen with immediate effect and an explanation written in the student’s planner. 
  • After school detentions: a note in their planner/letter/text/phone call will be sent informing you at least the day before your child’s detention 

How can I request a meeting with my child's teacher?

Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange an appointment with a Year Leader or subject teacher. We will get back to you with a mutually convenient date and time. Parent Evenings and Progress Reviews are held throughout the school year when you will be given the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. 

Where can I find information about school buses?

Please contact Midland Classic on 01283 500228 or go to their website: for up-to-date information.

If you still have questions then please call school 01283 749450 and speak to Mrs Robinson.