Careers Education

Blessed Robert Sutton is committed to developing the life chances of all students, and aims to encourage and inspire them through a comprehensive programme of CEIAG (careers education, information, advice and guidance). 

Students participate in a range of activities which include learning about themselves: their personality, strengths and qualities.

Through Curriculum and Character lessons pupils will begin to explore different career options in the modern world and gain an awareness of how they begin to research and plan various career paths. 

Careers education is linked to every subject department and are an intrinsic part of the work we do to inspire and motivate students to achieve their very best.  In addition to encouraging students to think about and plan their future pathways, CEIAG provides an invaluable opportunity for us to motivate and inspire our young people to really fulfil their potential, it is for this reason that CEIAG is embedded within every key stage, across every subject.  As a learning community, we are fully committed to providing the students in our care with the very best educational opportunities, helping guide them to make the best choices with regards to their personal, social and educational development.    

All year groups will meet with employers and other outside agencies to gain independent and impartial advice about the options which are best suited to them as individuals. As part of Careers Advice, Guidance and Development, all students receive high quality impartial careers guidance, which help them to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations.  

Baker Clause Policy

As part of Blessed Robert Sutton’s commitment to informing our pupils of the full range of learning and training routes on offer to them, we are happy to consider requests from training, vocational education and apprenticeship providers to speak to students and will also approach these partners ourselves when planning organising key Careers events throughout the school year.

In January 2023, the updated provider access legislation (PAL) comes into effect. It specifies schools must provide at least six encounters with approved providers of apprenticeships and technical education for all their students:

  • Two encounters for pupils during the ‘first key phase’ (year 8 or 9) that are mandatory for all pupils to attend
  • Two encounters for pupils during the ‘second key phase’ (year 10 or 11) that are mandatory for all pupils to attend

Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

The success of CEIAG at Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Voluntary Academy is monitored and evaluated regularly by the Careers Advisor, Julie McAulay and Elliot Davies-Tagg the Senior Leader Link Line Manager for the Careers Advisor.

  • The following sources are used to assess the impact of the careers
    programme and to help identify areas for improvement:
  • Destinations Data
  • Feedback of career events
  • Responses to student, staff and parent/carer surveys
  • Termly review of the school’s adherence to the Gatsby Benchmarks
    through Compass+, an online self-evaluation tool for schools



Careers Fair November 2022

Some photos of our extremely successful and enjoyable careers fair, with over 30 different organisations advising students from all year groups about Post 16 options and routes into employment or higher education.

Careers Adviser – Mrs Julie McAulay

Tel: 01283 749450


Please see below for details of our careers curriculum.

Careers Information

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  • a former student who would be interested in talking to students about careers.
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