Our Vision

Guided by a clear vision for education, we are a flourishing school; a happy, supportive and inclusive learning community, who work collectively to deepen our commitment to the things we know underpin an ‘excellent education for all’.  

We have a strong desire and determination to achieve success. We believe there are no limits to what can be achieved. We do what it takes for as long as it takes. In other words, we go for it every day! 

We strive for greatness in everything we set our minds to. We endeavour to do our very best and excel in all aspects of school life. We understand that achievement comes in many different forms and are committed to the principles of John 10:10, that each student ‘should have life and live it to the full’ 

We are ‘fiercely’ proud of our students, our school, our community and our Trust. We hold our heads high and feel a sense of togetherness and joy in our school. 

As a school community to work collectively to ‘enable every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God’. As a Catholic Academy we strive to ensure that all of our young people are cared for, given every opportunity to develop through academic study, to grow personally and spiritually and to live into being those Values we hold dear in our community and in wider society. This is reflected in our mission statement. 

‘Academic Excellence, Spiritual Development and Social Awareness through Christ’ 

Our school values of Academic Excellence, Spiritual Development and Social Excellence formulate ‘The Sutton Way’.

The Sutton Way has been embedded across our school community and are ‘lived into being’ by students and staff. They permeate all areas of school life and represent a shared vision across the entire school community. We embed the Values Logos in our lessons, powerpoints, displays, and assemblies and strive to ensure that our Catholic foundation can be seen explicitly in our teaching and learning across the curriculum, through our Worship and the distinct ethos of the school.