A short welcome from Acting Headteacher, Mr Heath

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Acting Headteacher at Blessed Robert Sutton. I understand the significance of choosing the right school for your child, a decision that requires careful consideration. At Blessed Robert Sutton, we emphasise the importance of maintaining high standards while offering individualised support to ensure your child’s success.
I am determined that Blessed Robert Sutton continues to deliver an education that reflects our core values of Love, Respect, Hope, Kindness and Resilience. At Blessed Robert Sutton we focus on every student making the most of their God given talents; we believe in developing well-rounded individuals who are ready to take their place in the world. This is lived out through ‘The Sutton Way’ our school mantra, that focuses on the Spiritual, Social and Academic excellence of students.
As Acting Headteacher, I am committed to building on the successes of our school and working collaboratively with our staff, students, parents and the wider community, to ensure that we continue to provide an outstanding education for all. I look forward to getting to know every member of our school community and working together to achieve our shared goals.

Come and visit us if you would like to see any of these things in action! 

The Admissions Authority for Our School

Overview of the Diocese of Nottingham

Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Voluntary Academy is under the Trusteeship of the Diocese of Nottingham and belong to the Nottingham Diocesan family of schools. They are founded by and are part of the Catholic Church and seek at all times to be a witness to Jesus Christ. Religious Education and worship are in accordance with the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church. This does not affect the right of parents or carers who are not of the faith of these schools to apply for and to be considered for places. We ask all parents or carers applying for a place to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.

In Year Admissions (2023-2024)

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Admissions for Year 7 in 2024-2025

Admissions for future years

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Admissions Policy for 2024-2025

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