Curriculum Tag: Computer Science

Computer Science

Curriculum Intent

By studying Computer Science at Blessed Robert Sutton, all pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the development of how technology works and explore programming solutions to broaden individuals to possible career opportunities that Computer Science can offer, this will be explored using the Robert Sutton Way.

Computer Science will teach Spiritual Development by:

Pupils being confronted with moral, ethical and legal dilemmas faced in the context of technology. Teaching will encourage pupils to develop an understanding by researching and exploring a number of key scenarios on the spirituality of how humans should use technology, but discuss how it can be used by certain individuals or organisations.

Computer Science will teach Social Excellence through:

A range of teaching strategies that allow opportunities for pupils to work effectively as a community. Class discussions will develop pupils’ abilities to work effectively as a team; paired work allows pupils to develop understanding and embed concepts and ideas. Areas of focus are: communicating, respecting, listening and developing each other’s ideas.

Computer Science will teach Academic Excellence by:

Developing an understanding of the academic rigours of studying Computer Science. Pupils will develop an understanding and appreciation of focus into how all technology is designed, focusing on areas such as hardware, software, networking and the core concept of developing pupils’ knowledge and competence in programming. Pupils will use the systems development lifecycle to analyse, design, test and evaluate programs they produce. Pupils will also explore methods of answering different types of exam questions to allow them to succeed.

Computer Science Learning Journey