Curriculum Tag: Maths


Curriculum Intent

The mathematics department is committed to ensure that our young learners are not only successful at Blessed Robert Sutton, but also thoroughly equipped to prosper in future academic opportunities and employment. Our curriculum is designed to promote:

  • Confidence, resilience and fluency in mathematical knowledge
  • Develop mathematical skills to solve contextual problems
  • Develop reason and understanding to tackle problems in a methodological manner
  • Opportunities to work independently and in collaboration with others
  • An enthusiasm for mathematics and related careers

Mathematics will teach Spiritual Development by:

Supporting students to make sense of the world around them and explore connections between their numeracy skills and every-day life.

Mathematics will teach Social Excellence through:

A range of teaching strategies that allow pupils to work effectively as a community. Class discussions and opportunities to explore different approaches to a problem will develop pupils’ abilities to work effectively as a team- communicating, respecting, listening and developing each other’s ideas.

Mathematics will teach Academic Excellence by:

Developing the ability to think creatively, act independently, and with the resilience required to solve problems. Teaching is aimed at developing a strong conceptual understanding of the underpinning principles of mathematics. These principles are built upon through the consolidation of key topics, with constant extension for the students that require it. We aim to build confidence and enjoyment of the subject for future learning, whilst providing constant challenge that will stretch even the sharpest minds. To ensure students are able to link their studies to the real world, topics are connected with additional material designed to broaden interest and demonstrate applied mathematics in real life.

Maths Learning Journey