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Curriculum Intent

Today more than ever our students live in a multi-lingual, global society and as such, there is an expectation that they will have some knowledge of more than one language in order to become competitive in employment. Learning a foreign language at Robert Sutton can free our young people from insularity and provide an opening to other cultures and belief systems. An effective languages education will foster pupils’ curiosity, deepen their understanding of the world and provide them with transferable language learning skills which will enable them to rise to the challenge of learning any foreign language should the opportunity occur.

MFL will teach Spiritual Development through:

The study and understanding of how important festivals and religious occasions are celebrated in francophone countries throughout the world. Students learn about Islamic and Christian festivals through the study of the lives of young francophone individuals from five continents.

MFL will teach Social Excellence:

Not only through a variety of learning strategies, which permit our students to work in pairs, small groups and as a whole class but also through opportunities to become an expert in an area of the subject and to support, help and mentor other students and to lead the class. The understanding and appreciation of other cultures and life styles enables our students to develop their tolerance, understanding and awareness of others.

MFL will teach Academic Excellence by:

Students gaining systematic knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar, and sound and spelling systems (phonics) of their new language and learn how speakers of the language use these. They reinforce this knowledge with extensive planned practice and use in order to build the skills needed for communication. Students learn to pay attention to the detail of meaning through translation, and to extend the range of their vocabulary and understanding through reading short texts and literature. Spoken and written language overlap, therefore, students learn speaking, writing, listening and reading together, rather than as separate skills. Our students develop transferable skills, which they can apply in everyday life.

Spanish Learning Journey

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