Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

The RE curriculum at Blessed Robert Sutton is underpinned by Catholic teachings and values. Our aim is to provide all our students with a theological, moral, philosophical and ethical understanding of the lives of people of faith or those of no faith.

Through our curriculum, we prepare our young people to make a positive contribution in a diverse world, while respecting the beliefs and values of those they share it with.

RE will teach Spiritual Development by:

Allowing opportunities for students to reflect on their own faith and personal values. Through the study of theology, philosophy and ethics, students will consider ultimate questions about purpose and existence and religious commitment in the 21st Century. We aim for students to develop positive attitudes and values and to reflect and relate their learning in RE to their own experience.

RE will teach Social Excellence by:

Promoting religious understanding and respect, challenging prejudice and enabling students to be well informed about the different forms of discrimination and stereotyping. The curriculum is concerned with the promotion of each pupil’s self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their
uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships. We aim that students will choose to put these teachings into practice both in the community and in society.

RE will teach Academic Excellence by:

Developing an understanding of the academic rigours of studying Religious Education. Pupils will develop an understanding and appreciation of religious and non-religious beliefs. Teaching will
develop students’ knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, teachings and practices, and sources of wisdom and authority; these texts include sacred scripture, documents from key ecumenical councils, Papal encyclicals and extracts from the work of key theologians. Students will develop their evaluation skills and their ability to construct well-argued, well-informed, balanced and structured written arguments, demonstrating their depth and breadth of understanding in the subject. We aim for students to become theologically literate.

RE Learning Journey