Curriculum Tag: English


Curriculum Intent

  • To instil in students a love of literature and reading, and an appreciation of the nuances of language in order to be able to communicate clearly and effectively
  • To develop a love of reading that will last a life time
  • To encourage students to think autonomously, develop opinions and arguments and be able to express these with clarity and impact
  • To explore contemporary issues for young people today to ensure that learning is relevant and interesting

English will teach Spiritual Development by:

  • Giving opportunities to reflect on personal values
  • Exploring philosophical and ethical issues

English will teach Social Excellence through:

  • Exploring key issues in society, including prejudice, morality and justice
  • Considering the opinions, experiences and perspectives of others
  • Discussing emotions in an open and constructive way

English will teach Academic Excellence by:

  • Allowing students to understanding significant historical events
  • Studying a range of literature from different time periods and different cultures
  • Encouraging exploration of deep and thoughtful ideas and concepts

English Learning Journey